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Download Navigating High Purity Waters

Our White Paper is intended to assist with the selection process for the different grades of high purity water and their various applications. Download Page.


Chromatography Water

HPLC Water and LCMS Water are glass distilled, sub-micron filtered, and undergo rigorous specification testing to insure accurate, repeatable results. More.


Custom Process Solutions

Custom Sterile Formulations, Saline, and Buffered Salt Solutions, for many diverse biological or medical device processing applications: More.

High Purity Water Selection Guide

Choose from various compendial grade water of Sterile or Non-Sterile for FDA monitored processes such as Pharmaceutical or Medical Device manufacturing. More.

High Purity Water

Catalog # Description 0.2µm
Conductivity Sterility Endotoxin
EP RNase
Type II
WFI-EPZ Water for Injection, USP/EP
WFI-USP Water for Injection, USP          
WIR-USP Sterile Water for Irrigation, USP            
WPW-USP Sterile Purified Water, USP
WPW-USN Purified Water, USP                
WFI-MGW Molecular Grade Water                  
WRG-ACS ACS Reagent Grade Water                
HP902 HPLC Grade Water                    
MS012 LCMS Grade Water                    


Spectrum Chemical Provides:

•  The widest selection of Packaged Monographed Water Products in the US.
•  A single source for High Purity Water produced for a wide range of Applications:

•  Biomanufacturing
•  Medical Device Processing
•  Scientific Research
•  ASTM and other Analytical Methods

Packaged Monographed Water

Product Description Catalog # Size    
Sterile WFI Quality Water, USP/EP WFI-EPZ-1X6 6 X 1L
-Meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacopeia (EP) Specifications WFI-EPZ-20L 20L    
  WFI-EPZ-2XL 200L    
Sterile WFI Quality Water, USP WFI-USP-1X6 6 X 1L ordernow2
-Meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Specifications WFI-USP-20L 20L    
  WFI-USP-2XL 200L    
Sterile Water for Irrigation, USP WIR-USP-1X6 6 X 1L ordernow2
-Meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Specifications WIR-USP-20L 20L    
  WIR-USP-2XL 200L    
Sterile Purified Water, USP WPW-USP-1X6 6 X 1L ordernow2
-Meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Specifications WPW-USP-20L 20L    
-Meets USP microbial quality requirements WPW-USP-2XL 200L    
Purified Water, USP WPW-USN-1X6 6 X 1L ordernow2
-Meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Specifications WPW-USN-20L 20L    
  WPW-USN-2XL 200L    
Molecular Grade Water, Certified RNase, DNase, and Protease free WFI-MGW-20L 20L Cube
-Well-suited for use in diverse molecular biology applications        
ACS Reagent Grade Water, meets ASTM Type II Specs WRG-ACS-20L 20L ordernow2
-Deionized and Double Distilled        

Chromatography Water

Product Description Catalog # Size    
HPLC Grade Water HP902 6 X 1L ordernow2
-HPLC Water is glass distilled, sub-micron filtered, and undergoes rigorous specification testing to insure accurate, repeatable results.   4 X 4L    
LCMS Grade Water MS012 6 X 1L ordernow2
-LC-MS Water is application tested and provides the lowest levels of metals, organics, and particulates available.   4 X 4L    


All Packaged Monographed Water is produced through a nine-step proprietary purification system:

•  Follows the closely regulated processes of primary filtration, deionization,
   UV treatment, multiple effect distillation and hot storage.

•  Culminates in passage through circulation systems before final filtration.  
•  Final filtration process is completed with double filters in a closed system to insure product integrity.
•  Utilizes single-use systems to reduce cross-contamination concerns.
•  Facility capable of producing up to 20,000 liters of High Purity Water per day.




Custom Process Solutions
Saline and Buffered Salt Solutions

Picture6.jpgIt is often challenging to produce sterile solutions on-site and maintain the high level of consistency, documentation, or traceability required for an FDA monitored process.

Starting with USP or USP/EP High Purity Water our team can produce Custom Process Solutions to highly precise specifications.  Required compendial chemical ingredients are supplied by Spectrum Chemical.  

Solutions are produced and packaged under rigorous quality control standards.  Final product is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets exacting specifications and purity standards.

Contact one of our water specialist at Spectrum for information on Buffered Salt Solutions, Saline and Custom Formulations for these and other diverse processing applications:

•  Purification and Chromatography Buffers
•  Cell and Tissue Processing Solutions
•  Diagnostic Manufacturing
•  Medical Device Processing
•  Cell Culture Media and Feed Solutions


 High Purity Water Selection Guide
Click below to Download the High Purity Selection Guide as a PDF.